Maitri Network in collaboration with Women Studies Centre, Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule University organised ‘Women Speaking from Margins’ - a two day National Consultation on 27th -28th November 2019. Over 30 organisations from across India participated in the consultation. Participants included lawyers, activists, academicians, students, etc. A number of civil society and community-based organisations shared their experiences of working on the issues of violence against women, especially women belonging to marginalized communities. The discussion also focused on issues like difficulties in the implementation of laws and policies for women and children, given the existing caste and gender dynamics in society. Additionally, this discussion also reflected on the increasing numbers of incidents of domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace, child marraiges , sexual violence and issues related to single women. As part of the consultation, a discourse was also built around the neglected issues of choice and agency of women, and their participation in governance and policy planning. This was followed by the release of Pune Declaration which also charted a way forward for the network for coming years. Please click here for the detailed report of two day national consultation.